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We were very impressed by HaonTech’s depth of experience in the non-profit industry. After explaining to them our needs, they instantly came up with a strategic solution that would help us achieve exactly what we wanted. HaonTech was able to deliver our customized online reporting system within the confines of our budget.

David Reynolds
Director - Hunger Solutions New York

Live interview with David Reynolds from Hunger Solutions New York.

When we ask someone to do any work in one of our nursing homes, it is important to realize what environment you are working in. HaonTech paid very close attention not only to our employees but also our patients. They worked quickly and efficiently, they did not interrupt any of the operations of the nursing home. HaonTech went above and beyond the scope of work we discussed. They went an extra step of clearly labeling the locations in the ceiling where they ran networking cables. This will greatly reduce the time needed to complete our project. We received an excellent price backed up by excellent work. I have not come across anything in the project we did that would require improvement. Professionalism was top notch and we were 100% satisfied.

Bryan Daly
Network Technician - New Jersey

Before reaching out to HaonTech, our program manually processed hunderds of student registrations each year. Registrations forms were available for download on our website and were submitted to us via fax, postal mail and sometimes phone calls. This old process was very time consuming and prone to errors. We hired HaonTech to develop an online registration system that would allow parents to register their kids online and would also provide us with a backend database that would tie into our administrative workflow. We had several meetings to gather our requirements and HaonTech developed exactly what we requested within budget and right on time for our new school year registrations. The time we used to spend with registrations was reduced dramatically. Our parents are also happier because it is now more convenient for them to register online. Our registration process is more streamlined and efficient since we are more productive with our new found time.

Grace Abruzzo
Director - The Narnia Clubs

HaonTech maintained and enhanced FeedNYC.org: an online database and reporting system developed for use by non-profit funding organizations and emergency food providers that receive funds/food from these organizations. Since 2007, HaonTech had diligently maintained our online database and reporting system and developed enhancements for additional features and customizations. HaonTech worked closely with us and participated at our meetings to have a good understanding of what our organization needs, as well as update us on all projects being worked on for us.

Rosario E. Valenzuela
Director – HPNAP United Way of NYC

I am always looking for an honest business relationship. HaonTech has earned my trust thanks to their honesty, quality of work and concise communications

Minh Tran
Data & Technology Specialist / FeedNYC Account Manager - United Way of NYC

I find HaonTech's performance, as an IT firm, to be at a gratifyingly high level. Their competence and expertise has enabled our committee to advance our mission of developing an innovative online reporting system. They are resourceful and provide innovative web development and maintenance. Professionalism and competent tech support at its best.

LaMunda Maharaj
Director - Office of Food Programs and Policy Coordination - New York City Human Resources Administration

HaonTech helped design the FeedNYC.org website in a quick and efficient manner. Whenever we had questions, we always received an answer that day. I have recommended and will continue to recommend HaonTech for any website design.

Christine Young
Information Technology Specialist II - New York State Department of Health

There are folks you meet that you feel quite comfortable with right from the beginning. They exude confidence, trust and the sincere willingness to help. I found those qualities in Fernando Sosa of HaonTech.com, LLC but the proof came when I ran into some difficulties with my computer. Like financial matters that are so personal, computer issues you cannot/should not trust to just anyone. Knowing that Band-Aids or Excedrin would not solve the problem, neither mine nor the computers, Fernando's promptness resolved the issue. After listening to many of his presentations, his calm and quiet demeanor, his quick grasp of problems should not put you off, his knowledge, care and results for his client are exceptional. While not in my office, HaonTech & Fernando Sosa are on my team and I highly recommend him to be on your team as well.

Larry Bauer
President - Bauer Printing Company
President - Teaneck Chamber of Commerce

Highly reliable and competent.

Arnaud Thieffry
Chief Financial Officer - Petrossian, Inc.

I greatly appreciate the support HaonTech provided our organization. They helped us with some computer issues and made sure our data was safely backed up and protected. We are happy with their service! HaonTech’s help was invaluable.

Miriam Bloom
Director of Operations, Zoe’s Place Inc.

HaonTech went above and beyond what was expected from them. They designed a site that I was extremely pleased with. The customer service provided was prompt and professional.

Mrs. Marisa Schaefer
Director - Rhymes & Reasons School

HaonTech provides prompt technical assistance in a professional manner. We are happy with their services and recommend them to our colleagues.

Toan B. Chu
President- The Catholic Fellowship

Great service and technical support. HaonTech walks you through the motions of putting together your own web site. Many in our parish have benefited from this service.

Juan Rodriguez
Pastoral Associate & DRE - Queen of Angels Church

Their service is great because it enables me to post events on my web site with ease. Events4JC.org contains a lot of information from other organizations. Plus the site is easy to use and that is key when you are searching for events.

Mario Bruschi
Director - Cathedral of St. Patrick Young Adults

Their support is commendable. We continue to use Events4JC.org for its potential, particularly in reaching younger people.

Louisa Martin
Chair - Education Committee - Church of St. Thomas Moore

HaonTech is great with customer service! They care about their clients and are there to help when questions arise. I really appreciate their prompt attention to my needs.

Anastasia Northrop
President - Theology of the Body International Alliance (TOBIA)

The Family Life Office has been using HaonTech's "survey" feature since 2006, to record data from participant evaluations of our marriage preparation classes. The system allows us to sort data by multiple inputs (to determine local program effectiveness), and it generates detailed statements that we submit each year as part of our office's annual report to the archbishop. We are grateful to the HaonTech team for ongoing technical support.

Christopher Mueller
Coordinator of Marriage Preparation Programs - Archdiocese of New York

Excellent service! Requests are always handled in a timely and professional manner. We have never had any complaints or problems with any aspect of their service. We are very grateful for all of their help!

Grace Abruzzo
Director - The Narnia Clubs

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