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HaonPortal SIS

Cloud-Based School Information System

Complete solution that not only eases the creation and maintenance of school websites, but it also provides real-time information over the Internet. Administrators get the most accurate information to make more effective decisions. Teachers gain timesaving administrative tools, parents gain immediate access to their children’s information, and students gain valuable tools that assist them in their academic performance.

Easily Update Your Website with HaonPortal CMS

Helping Schools Improve Their Marketing, Productivity & Communication

HaonPortal SIS is a cloud-based school information system. It resides on a secure server hosted by and is accessed through the Internet. Since servers are not required at the school site, schools save thousands of dollars on hardware, software, maintenance and IT staff costs. HaonPortal SIS is easy-to-use and is fully supported with training and technology support services. With HaonPortal SIS, administrators can easily and cost-effectively manage the school website, communicate with teachers, parents and students, maintain attendance records, grades, report cards, transcripts and more. Teachers gain timesaving administrative tools, parents gain immediate access to their children’s information, and students access their assignments online, communicate with teachers and other students.

Setup fee + Subscription pricing
(Includes website design, software, hosting, support and upgrades)
PC with Internet access, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x or higher
Training onsite at your school. Initial training covers all aspects of the system.
Unlimited technical support.



Before reaching out to HaonTech, our program manually processed hunderds of student registrations each year. Registrations forms were available for download on our website and were submitted to us via fax, postal mail and sometimes phone calls. This old process was very time consuming and prone to errors. We hired HaonTech to develop an online registration system that would allow parents to register their kids online and would also provide us with a backend database that would tie into our administrative workflow. We had several meetings to gather our requirements and HaonTech developed exactly what we requested within budget and right on time for our new school year registrations. The time we used to spend with registrations was reduced dramatically. Our parents are also happier because it is now more convenient for them to register online. Our registration process is more streamlined and efficient since we are more productive with our new found time.

Grace Abruzzo
Director - The Narnia Clubs

Key Features

- Easily post announcements for everyone to see on the website
- Maintain staff, parent and student admissions database
- Easily send broadcast emails
- Maintain entire school calendar online


- Teacher Homepages
- Maintain staff, parent and student admissions database
- Online Classroom: Homework assignments, grades, attendance, resources, announcements, discussions
- Send messages to Students’ Inbox


- Communicate with teachers
- Track their children’s assignments


- Access homework assignments online
- Student Homepages
- Send messages to teachers
- Post messages on discussion boards
- Student Inbox


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HaonTech went above and beyond what was expected from them. They designed a site that I was extremely pleased with. The customer service provided was prompt and professional.

Mrs. Marisa Schaefer
Director - Rhymes & Reasons School