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You can trust your data with us

Whether it’s backing up revisions or restoring your files, your data will be there when you need it. Why are we so sure? Our cloud backup solution is SAS 70 certified.

What is SAS 70?
SAS 70 is an accounting standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. During an audit, a third-party will evaluate a service organization’s internal controls and security standards. When an independent auditor conducts the review, they verify that the proper operational controls, procedures, and risk assessments are in place.

SAS 70 audits controls over information technology and processes related to sensitive data, such as health information and personally identifiably information. The audit process is ongoing; third-party evaluations are regularly scheduled to ensure continued compliance.


Why is SAS 70 important?
SAS 70 is recognized as one of the most stringent auditing standards for service organizations. A successful audit verification ensures that the company has well-designed and effective controls in place to ensure the accuracy of transactions and privacy of the data being stored and transmitted.

Organizations which provide services to healthcare companies are often asked by their clients to have a SAS 70 audit conducted to ensure that an independent party has examined the controls over the processing of sensitive healthcare information.

A SAS 70 certification is used by customers, prospective customers, and investors to gain an understanding of the control environment of outsourcing companies.


Who is certified?
Not all service providers are SAS 70 certified. With our company, you can be assured that your data is both safe and secure now and in the future.